Additional Services

Additional Services

We can conduct investigations in Australia, USA, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and also Taiwan we can check; – Director Details – Company Details – Residential address – Criminal Record – Bankruptcy status – Real Estate Property Assets – Phone numbers, email addresses – Marriage/ Divorce status – Mother, Father, and children details – Pre-martial background check – Family Law & Custody disputes – Business partner background checks – Import and Export records – Trademark and intellectual property disputes

Some common corporation investigations include but not limited to; 1. Employee misconduct: Investigating employee misconduct such as theft, fraud, harassment, or violations of company policies.

2. Background checks: Conducting thorough background checks on potential employees, partners or vendors.

3. Due diligence investigations: Investigating a company’s finances, assets, and liabilities before a merger or acquisition.

4. Intellectual property theft: Investigating allegations of intellectual property theft, including theft of trade secrets, patents, and copyrights.

5. Compliance investigations: Ensuring that a company is in compliance with industry standards, regulations, and laws.

6. Cybersecurity investigations: Investigating data breaches or hacking incidents.

7. Workplace accidents: Investigating workplace accidents or incidents to determine cause and liability.

8. Business partner investigations: Investigating potential business partners or vendors before entering into business agreements.

9. Whistleblower claims: Investigating allegations of misconduct made by whistleblowers.

10. Due diligence on competitors: Investigating competitors to gather intelligence on their operations, strategies, and products.

Some questions and general discussion that the general public have regarding private detectives range from Netflix series such as CSI, Ozark, and Matlock etc.

One of the main inquiries we receive is about cheating partners. We can assist you with corporate investigations/ cheating partners, but not of the romantic type.

The next obvious question is how much does is cost/ charge per hour. Common incidents to inquire about a PI is after car accident, a stalker following me, are found online on sites like on reddit. Others approach us and ask regarding salary after taxes to work as a PI.

Often those with law degrees work as PI’s, for organizations like IBAC, and ICAC and prosecute government officials, public servants such as police officers for indictable offenses which are known in the US as a felony.

Some ask what the difference is between a police detective and a private detective.

Usually, it is simple as the difference that one is a public servant, and the other private business. Investigations and field interviews are what they have in common.

Next, the public sector has a standardized resource base and public funds and access to data that private investigators do not have.

Further, police rely on weapons, intimidation, and use of weapons to inflict violence i.e. threat of arrest to adduce admissions from persons of interest (POI), whereas P.I.’s use stealth and their intelligence to adduce evidence, hence the term “intelligence” which is used in the private sector.

Additional Services:

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Car, Boat Registration, Finance and Caveat Information

Property Caveat Information

Who is calling you check? (Phone Number Search)

VOPI check /br

Stolen Phone and Computer Search Service

Credit History, Default and Judgement Check

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